Eating Disorders

Treating:  Obesity, Compulsive Over Eating, Anorexia, and Bulimia

Eating Disorders is a common problem for many Americans.  Whether the urge is to purge, starve or vomit it is essential to understand how these behaviors are triggered by poor eating habits, emotional and psychological cues (depression, anxiety and stress) and genetics.  In order to change your behavior with food one needs to change their relationship with they way they think about food in their everyday life. 

Eating Disorder Systems teaches you to gain control over your eating behaviors by enabling you to do the following:

  1. Admit you have the disorder.
  2. Make a commitment to get help.
  3. Try to identify the underlying causes for the disorder.
  4. Change the way you think.
  5. Work through the feelings and reasons for the behaviors.
  6. Build a healthy “self” identity.
  7. Build your “self esteem”.
  8. Change your relationship with food.
  9. Turn food into your friend.
  10. Become productive in many other areas of your life.

Dr. Pitta is available for individual and group consultations.

Weight Loss Programs:

The twenty-week program includes behavior modification, nutritional information and deals with the emotional stressors that set us off to eat.

It is a well known that individuals metabolize their food at different rates; therefore, making the weight loss process a very individual one.  Each person’s needs and life styles will be highly considered.  There is no pill taking or recommendation of restricted foods.  Foods are individualized according to person’s likes and needs.  People with special medical problems (diabetes, hypertension, cardiac, etc.) will be able to join.  Maintenance programs are included in the program. 

All persons wanting to participate need medical clearance. Monthly progress reports for physician referrals will be available.