Media Consultation

Dr.Pitta has served as a consultant to print media including magazines as well as newspapers.  She also appeared on national produced T.V. shows as a psychological consultant in the area of relationships

Magazine and Newspaper Consultant for the following articles:

Newsday Daily Paper

"How to Deal With Holiday Depression", 1987
"Stress and How to Cope With It", 1993
" Teenage Crushes on Teacher, l995

Women's World

"How to Be a Good Judge of Character", March 1993


"Ritual Cleansing - You Have to Learn to Work Your Problems Out, Not Wash Them Out", March 1994
"Men Attracted to Women With Eating Disorders" l996

New York Post

"Faithless Fans Ride the Ranes", 1994
"Tragedy - Jokes on O.J.", 1994       

First for Women

"How do men turn their wives into their mothers", l996
"Men Who Love Too Much", Sep. l997

Today's Supervisor

"Depression in the Workplace", l996


"Mothers and Daughters", May, l996.  
“A Torn Apart”- April, 2001
“Getting Into Your Choice College", April, 2004
"Signs of Abuse in Day Care", December, l999
" Can Part Time Work for You?", November, l999

New York Times

"Baby Boomer's Celebrating Their 50th," Sept, l966.

Woman's World

"How to be a good friend with your husband", February, l997.

Parent's Magazine

A Effects of extended family- grandparents parenting grandchildren. l997
How to Make Your Marriage Stronger, Nov. 1997.
Effects of Extended Family- Grandparenting on Grandchildren. Summer. 1998

Lead Report

Work and Family Dec. l997.

Season's Magazine

Wake Up Your Marriage With a Second Honeymoon(l998)

Young Women

"A Boy' Lab". January 2000

Parenting Magazine

Can Couples Without Children Stay Friends Couples With  Children, Spring, l998
Family Rituals- How Important Are They? Fall, l998

Cosmo Girl

“Teen Love Questions”. December l999/January 2000

Bride Again

“Mixed Marriages/ Spender/Saver Relationships”. Summer 2000

Long Island Catholic

“Parenting Your Elderly Parents”, 2005

Self Magazine

“Have a Healthier Relationship With Your Spouse”. March, 2007.

Seventeen Magazine

“Suddenly Single”, May, 2007.

Wall Street Journal

“Work and Family”, Feb, 2007.

Community, Corporation and Professional Presentations:

  • Stress, Anxiety and Burnout
  • Lose Weight Permanently
  • Superwoman Syndrome - Are You a Victim?
  • Marital Communication - Do You and Your Husband Still Talk?
  • Creative Parenting and Loving- How to be a more effective parent.

Media Engagements: (T.V. and Radio)

  • 1977 WOR FM Radio lecture series on "Obesity Control".
  • 1983 TV Interview-NBC-(national network) World of People "Weight Loss in Children"   
  • 1983 Newsday Article on Obesity Program at North Shore University Hospital
  • 1983 Newsday Article on "Holiday Depression".
  • 1978 90.3 FM Radio Interview - Speaking of Psychology -"Lose Weight Permanently".
  • 1989 CNN T.V.(national network) Interview on "Treatment of Obesity".
  • 1991 Channel 21 - LIFE-TIME- Interview "How Can People Accept Their Being Overweight?"
  • 992 Channel 5 - FOX Good Day New York Interview on "What Do You Do if Your Husband or Boyfriend Doesn't Like Your Friends?"
  • 1993 Channel 5 - FOX Good Day New York -"Relationship of Weight Loss and Emotion"
  • 1993 Channel 5 - FOX Good Day New York -"How Men Feel-Can They Be Expressive?"
  • 1993 Channel 5 - FOX Good Day New York -"Do Women Deserve a Night Out?"
  • 1993 Channel 7 - ABC (national network) The Les Brown Show - "Mr. Mom - How to Deal With Role Reversal?"
  • 1994 Channel 5 - FOX Good Day New York - "Who's the Boss - Win Strategy."
  • 1994 Channel 5 - FOX Good Day New York - "Men And Women - Are They Different?"
  • l994 Talk of the Nation Radio-(national radio) Depression and the Holidays- 1 hour show of interview and response to call ins.
  • l995 Channel 5- FOX Good Day New York- Embarrassing Moments- How Do You Deal with them?"
  • l995 Channel 11- WPIX-(national network) Charles Perez Talk Show- Managing dominant women within a committed relationship.
  • 1999 Radio Show- Great American Smoke Out- representing Div 42 of the APA
  • 2006 Channel 12 - Getting Your Child Ready For School.
  • 2007 Self Magazine - How to have a healthy relationship with your spouse.